What happens if it rains during our stay?

Don’t worry, we dislike the rain too. We will still set up as long as there is no lightning. If there is and it persists all day we will ask you to please re book as it is not safe for anyone! We will contact you prior to your check in time to inform you of any delay or interruption during our set up of your accommodation. Do refer to our Terms and Conditions for the policy details.

Can I reschedule or cancel my stay?

We understand that things don't always go as planned and there may be a need for you to reschedule or cancel your booking. If this happens, please let us know as soon as you can and we will see what we can do to assist. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full details of the policy.

What is the check-in and check-out time?

You may check in anytime after 3:00PM and check out at 9:00AM the next day.

Can I request for early check in or late check out request?

For early check in, you would have to inform us prior to your check in date and call 2 hours prior to desired check in time to check on the status of their accommodation.

Is food provided?

We do not provide any food at the moment. We recommend all guests to arrange for their own food to be delivered or brought over to the campsite. As the campsite is situated further from the food station, it is advisable to get your food and any other materials before you proceed to the campsite. We may be able to assist your food orders should you require any help.

How can I book Bbq pit with a Glamping tent?

You can book a bbq pit directly via the nparks portal any AXS machine or online *https://e-station.axs.com.sg/NParks/Internet_Payment/* Designated bbq pits : Strictly, Campsite G, BBQ pit 59 onwards Upon booking of the BBQ pit, you can proceed to book a tent with us. Once you have secured both of your tents and BBQ pit, you are required to inform us of your bbq pit number and your accommodation reservation number so that we can arrange for your tent to be pitched beside your bbq pit! You are required to inform us at least 2 days prior to your event date.

Can I rent for half-a-day instead of overnight?

The prices are fixed regardless of an overnight stay or half-a-day event.

Is foreigners allowed?

Only Singaporeans, PR and work permit holders are allowed to book at East Coast Park. Foreigners may choose the option to book at our Sentosa site.

Do you supply electricity or Wifi in your tents?

No, we have no electricity on site. Light is provided by battery operated fairylights or battery lamps. Wifi? Never heard of it... this is a camping holiday.

Are the sites safe?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the security of our sites. We have, however, maintained the safety of the area with our guest’s compliances by handing and taking over in an orderly manner. Police officers and Nparks rangers often patrol around the parks at random timings.

How do I get to glamping site @ ECP?

A full itinerary will be sent to you once booking has been made.

Will the tent be pitched near a BBQ pit?

The tent will not be pitched near a BBQ pit as we value our guest privacy. If you have booked a BBQ pit and you would like us to pitch the tent directly beside the BBQ pit, kindly email us your request together with your reservation number and we will do so accordingly. (only applicable for the desingated BBQ pit mentioned above)

Are there washrooms nearby?

Public toilets are located within the campsite.

Do we have to clean the tents when we leave?

We ask that the washing up is done and all rubbish bags are taken to the rubbish area located at the park. If you booked more than one tent, please ensure that any items that have been shifted from one tent to another make its way back to its designated places.

Where is the campsite located?

The campsite is located at East Coast Park Area G

Do we need a camping permit?

Yes, camping permit is required. Due to PDPA regulations, guests are required to book their own camping permit directly via the nparks portal.

Once you have booked your tent, a guide on how to book your camping permit will be sent. Should you be unable to secure your camping permit, you may opt for full refund or reschedule.

Is security deposit required?

You are not required to provide any security deposit (only applicable for ECP site). However, extra measures are taken and you are liable for a fine if you have breached any of our t&C.

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