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Our slumber party package delivers whimsical sleepovers to your door-step, perfect for any special occasions that can be designed and crafted for both adults and children parties! We bring colourful and unique teepee tents, and personalised touches to make your sleepover unique and memorable! The slumber party package is for overnight rental so guests can enjoy the full set-up with ease!

Each set comes with: 

- Teepee tent

- Single bed

- Bed sheet

- Pillows

- Cushion pillows

- Bed tray

- Blanket

- Bunting

- Fairy Lights

- Choice of colour: Gold, Pink, Blue, Rustic, Rainbow

- Inclusive of Transportation, Delivery, Set-up & Teardown

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Slumber Package theme (7).png

- Balloon Garland 

- Movie Screening rental 

- A3 Customise Signage with easel stand

- Picnic set-up

- Personalised (name) sleeping mask

- Personalised (name) cushion pillow

- Personalised goodies bags

- Popcorn station display

- Cotton candy station display

- Customise Themes

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Customise Signage


Picnic Set-up

E00E9335-D05B-46D4-8C3F-77BA89C35FFD 2.JPG

Balloon Garland


Personalised Bottles

Personalised Mask


Personalised Pillow


Cotton Candy / Popcorn Station

Movie Screening


Customise Themes

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