T&C For east Coast park

Visitors Limitation

The Agreement is personal to the Visitor. The Visitor must not use the Accommodation except for the purpose of a holiday by the Visitor and the Visitor’s party during the Holiday Period, and not for any other purpose or longer period.

Please refrain from inviting outside visitors to your tent. We reject the use of our site by members of any gang or extremists. Even after a reservation has been made or during visitor’s stay, if the visitor is found to be a member of a gang or an extremist, the Guest will be asked to leave the tent immediately.

Loss of Visitor Property

Except as indicated below, Glamping City shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any belongings, or for injury sustained by the Visitor or members of his or her party during their stay at the Accommodation. Glamping City excludes liability for loss or damage to any belongings, or for death or injury sustained to the Visitor or members of his or her party during their stay at the accommodation.

The Visitor shall be liable for and indemnify Glamping City against any liabilities, damages, claims, costs, losses (whether direct or indirect and including loss of profits) and expenses incurred or paid by Glamping City arising from the Visitor’s use or occupation of the accommodation which arise from any breach by the Visitor of his or her obligations under the Agreement or from any negligence or wilful default of the Visitor and/or the Visitor’s party.


No pets are allowed in our accommodation tent (guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for profoundly deaf people excepted).

Right of Entry

Glamping City and/or its agents reserve the right to enter the accommodation at any reasonable time for reasonable cause. This includes the undertaking of unforeseen (internal and external) remedial repairs together with any annual external re-decoration for which access to the inside of the accommodation may be required. We will offer you reasonable compensation for any foreseeable inconvenience or loss of enjoyment caused on that day.

Visitor Obligations

The Visitor undertakes to keep the accommodation in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the 

booking period (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and are required to pay Glamping City the value of any part of the Accommodation that were destroyed or damaged as to be incapable of being restored to its previous condition.

Breakages and damage must be reported as soon as possible.

The Visitor must allow Glamping City and/or its agents to enter the accommodation to inspect the state of it, on reasonable notice, except in emergency when immediate access must be granted.

The Visitor must not use the accommodation or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to Glamping City or to any neighbours.

The Visitor and his or her party must comply with any general regulations relating to the campsite. Such regulations will be found on NParks website.

Typical examples would include any local conditions regarding parking, noise, waste disposal, recycling and so on.

Smoking, cooking or open fires are not permitted in any part of the Accommodation.

Applicant must be 16 years old and above

A permit Holder is only allowed one permit for one tent at one time. A new permit will only be issued after the expiry of an existing permit 

Each applicant is limited to camping for four days per month 

The permit must be prominently displayed outside the tent at all times

Nparks reserves the right to revoke the permit of the Permit Holder has not complied with the terms and conditions of the permit. NParks also reserves the right to bar the permit holder from future permit applications.

Property Cleanliness


The Visitor agrees to ensure that the accommodation is left reasonably clean and tidy. The Visitor agrees to pay any additional reasonable charges to cover the expense of additional, unusual cleaning required because of the failure to comply with this Clause.

In the event of a unacceptable weather, a credit will be offered against a later stay, but Glamping City will take no responsibility for finding alternative accommodation and excludes liability for any cost incurred by the Visitor in relation to this alternative accommodation.

In the event of a thunderstorm or any weather that is deem to be unacceptable by NParks regulation, all guest will have to evacuate immediately.

If, prior to the Holiday Period, the Accommodation becomes inaccessible due to bad weather Glamping City will take reasonable steps to inform the Visitor. A credit will be offered for a later stay.

In the event of bad weather (e.g heavy rain), all outdoor activities will be cancelled and all guest are required to stay in their respective tents for safety purposes.

Guest opted for any add ons will be done at their own risk and no refund is given.

In the event of bad weather, Glamping City will not be responsible and no refund will be given. Rescheduled bookings are not valid for Saturdays, eve of PH and PH.


Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the accommodation is presented to Visitors to a high standard.

In the event of bad weather (e.g heavy rain), all outdoor activities will be cancelled and all guest are required to stay in their respective tents for safety purposes. 


Should the Visitor find on arrival that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, the Visitor should immediately contact one of the Glamping City staff. Reasonable steps will then be taken to assist the Visitor. Glamping City will not make any refunds in respect of complaints made after the Visitor's departure from the accommodation if the Visitor did not make the complaint or the problem known to the local contact during the holiday. 


If the Visitor wishes to comment on his or her stay they should inform a member of the Glamping City staff, or alternatively they should write to: booking@glampingcity.com

Camping Permit

By accepting the booking, the Visitor have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Camping Permit as stated below as quoted by Nparks:

I shall adhere to the permit duration from 9am on the day of the permit to 9am the following day. The permit is non-transferrable.

I shall provide the particulars of all occupants of the tents during the validity period of the permit at the time of my application for the permit

I have a valid residential address in the Republic of Singapore

I shall be present at the camping area at all times during the validity period of the permit and shall not leave the tent unattended, except during emergencies.

I shall ensure that there is no use of open fire, LPG cylinders, portable stoves or generators of any form within or outside the tents at all times.

I shall ensure that the camping area is kept clean at all times and that all refuse and waste are properly removed and disposed. if i fail to do so, i shall be liable for an offence under Reg 9 of the Parks & Trees Regulations (Cap 216, Rg 1), which carries a fine of up to $2,000. I shall also be liable to pay costs incurred by Nparks in cleaning up the camping area.

I agree to use the camping area at my own risk. I shall not make any claims against Nparks with respect to any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the camping area. For the same, i shall indemnify Nparks against all actions, claims and demand which Nparks may suffer or incur in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damages to property arising from or out or on connection with the use of the camping area

Nparks reserves the right to remove any unattended tents and belongings, without prior notice being given to me

Arrival and Departure Times

Adherence to the arrival and departure times forms part of the Agreement and any stay that extends over this period will be subject to a charge being made for additional days. Arrival time is after 03:00 pm on the first day of the holiday and Departure time is before 10:00 am on the last day of the holiday. In case of an arrival outside the listed hours, for example due to an unplanned event, Glamping City staff should be notified at the earliest available opportunity.

The Visitor will be issued with a set of lock to the Accommodation on the first day of the Holiday Period and the Visitor must return them on the last day of the Holiday Period or the date of departure, if earlier. Failure to do so will incur the cost of a replacement set.


Right to Evict

Glamping City reserves the right to ask the Visitor and his or her party to leave the property (without compensation being payable to the Visitor or any member of his or her party) if this is deemed necessary by Glamping City where if there is a serious breach by the Visitor of the Agreement or their behaviour is such as to endanger the safety of other visitors or members of staff.

If any complaints are made of unacceptable behaviour or unreasonable breakages or damage occurs or smoking/open fire/cooking restrictions are not observed we shall give the visitor an opportunity to rectify the breach and failure to do so shall entitle Glamping City to terminate the agreement.


Failure to exercise

The fact that Glamping City does not exercise any of its rights under the Agreement in any particular incidence of breach or

default by the Visitor shall not constitute a waiver by Glamping City of such right in that or any subsequent incidence.


Notices shall be sufficiently served if sent by pre-paid first class recorded delivery letter to the address appearing in the Booking Form or such other address as each party may from time to time have communicated in writing to the other.

Any notice to be served on the Visitor under the Agreement may be given during the Holiday Period by delivery through the letterbox or putting under the front door of the Accommodation and shall be deemed to have been received upon the expiration of 24 hours after service. For refund of booking, $15 will be deducted for Admin fee. This applies for guest who qualifies a one-week refund policy


Upon booking confirmation, all guest have accepted the terms & conditions listed below:

If any provision of this Agreement is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

Rights of Third Parties

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) (CHAPTER 53B) might give rights to third parties who are not parties to this contract.

The parties agree that this will not apply and that, subject to clause 1.3, only those signing the contract shall have rights and obligations under it.

No Tenancy

The Agreement is for the Holiday Period and is not intended to create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the Visitor and Glamping City. The Visitor shall not be entitled to a tenancy, or to any assured shorthold or assured tenancy or any statutory protection  or other statutory security of tenure now or upon termination of the Agreement.

Lost / damages

Should any event or decor item become lost or damaged before teardown, you will be liable for reimbursing us for the full cost of replacement, based on the current retail value of the said item provided.


The headings in this document are included only for convenience, and do not affect the meaning of the clauses to which they relate.


Glamping City reserves the right to change any listed amenities, terms & conditions, with or without prior notice.


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